It’s very easy, as it turns out.

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“You didn’t know that so-and-so is pregnant?” — my friend asked, surprised — “It’s all over her Instagram.”

“No, I haven’t been there in a while…” I replied, and immediately had to explain, because these days, nobody deletes a Social Media app on their phone without a reason. It’s second nature to be there, and if you aren’t, there’s usually an explanation.

“It was just… annoying me”, is what I said to my friends whenever they came to me with stuff they assumed I’d seen on Instagram for the past four months, which, surprisingly, they didn’t do that many times…

There is no shame in having some shame

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When it comes to talking about sex, in my opinion, there is sort of a Goldie Locks situation. Too much, not enough or just right. Unfortunately, not many people find that healthy in between, that allows us to discuss sex in a mature way, having no shame, yet understanding that some things are meant to be private. Or at least that there is a time and place to talk about them and that nobody is to be shamed for not wanting to hear the details.

Like all of us, Ben Shapiro is wrong about many things, and rap not being…

A hot take.

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Before I begin, let me just make a quick disclaimer: I am young, able-bodied, and generally a sporty person. However, I have struggled with body insecurities in the past and I do think I put my finger on something that anyone could benefit from, no matter what their circumstances are. What I have found to help with body image issues is two-fold: accept that you are your body and focus on what it/you- can do.

Like everyone, I will always have insecurities. And I have never felt better about my body than when I was a the top of my…

Should child labor laws apply?

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We’ve seen them around the internet, even if we don’t consume their content. The Pinterest perfect home, the fashionable, pastel colors wearing mom and, the stars of the show, the kids. Lined up from tallest to shortest, wearing almost identical outfits, but with fun little twists. The dad appears, some times, but seems to only be there to assure that this is a perfect, traditional, nuclear family, he never seems to do anything in particular. …

6 things I learned working at a startup, where no one quit their day job

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As a rule of thumb, I have always believed the phrase “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” And although starting a business is not easy at all, it seems to be everyone’s ambition. Your friend from high school has an escargot delivery service, your neighbor is trying to monetize her inspiration boards, and some guy you follow on Instagram has developed an app that nobody asked for. They make it seem easy, and it sure feels like everyone is doing it.

“Millenials and GenZers are 188% more likely to have the aim of creating a side business…

She’s not a dude in a hot girl’s body. She is real, and she has standards.

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As Gillian Flynn brilliantly observed in her book and subsequent movie (directed by David Fincher) Gone Girl, “Men always use that, don’t they? As their defining compliment. She’s a Cool girl.”

Yes, they do, and I’ve heard every version of it: “You’re so cool and understanding, most girls would throw a fit over this.” “You’re like a dude. I mean, you’re feminine, but you have a cool sense of humor” “Wow, you and your friends can really drink! You’re so fun and cool”.

While I have taken all of these as compliments because they were meant as such, I haven’t…

All this time on your hands should be going into learning new skills and bettering yourself, right? Maybe not. At least not in the way you would expect.

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Since the beginning of quarantine, it’s safe to say most of us have been going through a never-ending cycle that consists of phases of hyper-productivity (or at least attempts) and “if I see another photo of homemade bread, I’m going to lose it, I just want to watch Netflix” type of days.

In today’s culture, it’s easy to feel worthless if every minute of your day is not going into something useful, productive or monetizable. It’s even easier to make the world believe that even your hobbies are somewhat “productive”. For the past couple of months, everyone seems to be…

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Avid traveler, beer lover and bookworm from Portugal

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