I’m Sex-Positive and I Think Ben Shapiro is Right About WAP

There is no shame in having some shame

Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

How much do we disagree on what is and isn’t appropriate for a public forum, and on what we find is and isn’t a healthy expression of sexuality

The never-ending exchange of ideas that emerges from art is one of the things that makes it so fundamental to humanity.

I have no problem with the theme of female arousal, I just like my art with a little subtlety.

Are there people who have sex for money and are happy with that lifestyle? Probably. But I’ll risk being wrong and I’ll say that it’s a residual percentage.

It’s about performing degrading sexual acts for a man’s pleasure in exchange for material goods. Call me old fashioned, but that’s degrading.

Not many people are even interested in finding the sweet-spot, though, and that is the real shame.

Avid traveler, beer lover and bookworm from Portugal

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